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Journal of Convergence Information Technology is a journal to be published by AICIT (Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology). The aim of the journal is to provide fast publication of refereed, high quality original research papers in all branches of the convergence technologies and its applications.

  JCIT focuses on the theories/technologies/architecture and its applications on the various aspects of advances in convergence and hybrid Information Technology. JCIT shall be always welcome all research results on the traditional and convergence areas of information technologies and next generation information technologies.

  JCIT is a refereed, multidisciplinary journal for bridging the latest advances in the convergence and hybrid information technology research. It provides an international forum for presenting authoritative references, academically rigorous research, and case studies. The journal publishes well-written and academically validated manuscripts in both theoretical development and application research.

  JCIT invites new and original submissions addressing theoretical and practical topics and its applications in convergence/hybrid information technology and next generation information technologies fields including (but not limited to these topics):

  Topic 1: IT-based Convergence Technology and Service
  Topic 2: HCI & Bioinformatics
  Topic 3: Ubiquitous Computing
  Topic 4: Business and Information Systems
  Topic 5: Social and Business Aspects of Convergence IT and Ubiquitous Computing

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